About us

The Local Energy and Climate Agency (ALEC) is an independent, autonomous, non-profit organization created through the initiative of public authorities in order to provide information, advice and technical assistance to all energy users. An ALEC contributes to the development of local and sustainable energy markets. It supports all energy users in decision-taking (individuals, professionals and local authorities). It works also as a platform for exchanges between all the professionals of the building and energy industries.


Our agency is organised into 3 poles of activity :

  • The Energy Information Center offering advice to individuals regarding Energy management and renewables, energetic renovation of existing housing and existing financial support.

  • The platform of exchange that coordinates a network of local professionals of the building renovation’s sector and supports them in a personalized way according to their needs.

  • The Shared Energy Consulting (CEP), which advices the local authorities and support them toward Energy Excellence. We monitor the fluid consumption of the public buildings for cca 70 towns close to Nancy (France).


We are currently interested in participating in the European Green Deal. We aim to join an existing consortium as partners in the fields of energetic renovation of existing buildings (housing and/or public buildings), building-integrated renewable Energy, behavioural change of users, monitoring of fluid consumption, financial support schemes, etc.

We can offer an expertise based on feedback from more than 10 years of experience in these different fields. We can also find pilot builings to experiment new solutions and/or to instrument (we are currently monitoring cca 70 municipalities around Nancy – France).


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Guillaume Lavier

Fluent in French and English


Energy consultant
Fluent in French, English and Slovak